Speaks English Speaks Portuguese

The most important thing in the successful communication is to know what kind of person you are talking with. That’s why I want you to know something about me, that can give you an idea of our further relations.

Since my childhood, I’m in love with foreign languages. I began with English, but it wasn’t enough for me. I can literally say that this passion helped me to understand who I am and choose my profession. I graduated from the philological faculty of St. Petersburg State University. After the graduation, I decided to go to Portugal to get my master degree. I believe that the best way to improve your knowledge in some foreign language is to talk with the native speakers and try to understand their way of living. I think that any language is not only the instrument of communication or the list of words and grammar rules. It’s something more: culture, mentality and finally soul of the nation. This was the first reason for me to become a guide.

The second reason is my desire to know more and more new people of different nationalities and different age. I’m an extrovert, that’s why I’m crazy about making new friends. I like to be opened to the world in order to make it opened to me. Being a guide gives me this opportunity and I’m extremely happy to have it!

What about other things I like? First of all, it’s my city. Frankly speaking, I’m really in love with it. Even if I’m tired or in a bad mood, that’s enough for me to walk along the streets and embankments, to admire wonderful views and finally feel better, because I live in such a great place. They say that only if you love something very much, you can make the others love it too. So, I hope I will manage to convey this love to you and you will never forget your stay in St. Petersburg.

Besides all the interests I’ve already mentioned, there are other things that inspire me. I like dancing (for example, Brazilian zouk), reading, traveling, walking, swimming, learning something new and teaching foreign languages.

I will be very glad to show you St Petersburg in all its beauty and to share my experience. I hope you will smile a lot and enjoy every moment in this marvelous city!

What other tourists say about Nadya?

"...Hiper correta, bem humorada, inteligente e com iniciativa. E muito comunicativa! Nós achamos os russos um pouco fechados, mas com a Nadya não sentíamos isso. Ela fala muito, muito bem português, com a entonação um pouco mais portuguesa. A sua fluência no português vem da sua formação em Letras e dos estudos de mestrado em Portugal. E ela também tem um amigo brasileiro. Em todos os passeios os ingressos estavam incluídos, os quais a Nadya resgatava nas bilheterias para a gente e os passeios eram todos explicados e contextualizados historicamente por ela, inclusive com fotos. Certamente Nadya é uma das "atrações" de São Perterburgo."

"...was surprised by the details and facts she was telling me about each and every monument around the city. She took me through interesting shortcuts around the city and explained interesting quirky facts about some statutes and monuments around the city. It was just memorable to be on this walking tour. She was very jovial, fun and patient. Thank you Nadya for making me truly appreciate this city to the fullest and making me fall in love with your city. I would recommend anyone for this tour with her. She made me a believer from a skeptic. I can't wait to be back in summer when I can see this beautiful city in all its glory in summer. Ofcourse will be booking my tour with Nadya again."
Abhinay R, Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

"Nadya was a truly knowledgeable, friendly and personable guide, a great source of information about many aspects of life in St Petersburg and Russia, and provided us with generous time and personal experiences."
crowdywendy, Crowdy Head, Australia